Important Issues

Air Quality

Utah’s geography has created challenges for our air quality. While nature has placed some limits on what we can do, there are steps we can take to improve the air quality along the Wasatch Front. This year I am sponsoring legislation that would allow citizens to voluntarily pay a little extra on their utility bill to go towards retrofitting the State’s vehicle fleet to run on natural gas. Natural gas dramatically improves gas mileage efficiency and burns much cleaner than typical gasoline. Plus, Utah has vast amounts of natural gas reserves that provide jobs and funding for our students education.

Jobs and Economic Prosperity

Fiscal responsibility is something that Utahns take seriously. That’s why following the Great Recession, Utah leads the nation in economic outlook, and consistently is listed as one of the best places to do business. By continuing to improve Utah’s tax policy, Utah is more attractive than ever for businesses to locate here, and existing businesses know that the Legislature will continue to promote consistent, fair tax policy.

I have been fortunate to lead efforts to prepare for Utah’s growing economy by ensuring that our infrastructure can handle our growing population. Legacy Highway, I-15 reconstruction, and the continued reach of UTA will allow Utahns to easily commute to and from work, ensuring the quality of life that we are accustomed to.

I have run a competitive small business so I understand the challenges Utahns face. I commit to working on these issues and coming up with real solutions that don’t require more government programs.

Government Accountability

Our state continues to win national awards for our approach to government. I am proud to have been a part of the good decisions that have helped minimize the impact of the national economic downturn in our state. But I believe we can always do better. I will continue to look for ways to save tax payer dollars and stay accountable to my constituents.

Health Care

Washington has made a mess of our health care system. The federal government’s decades-long intrusion into health care culminated in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare."

Cancelled insurance policies, higher premiums, deductibles, co-payments, wasteful and confusing mandates and uncertain coverage status are hurting our constituents. And this is just the beginning. The human toll of Obamacare is great and growing.

The good news is we took steps to prepare for Obamacare’s failure. Utah joined seven other states and approved the Health Care Compact, legislation that allows states to take control of health care regulation and funding – and opt-out of Obamacare..

The Health Care Compact won’t deliver a single set of mandates that apply to all, from sea to shining sea. Instead, the structure of the health care system will vary from state to state. Some states will choose to push market-oriented mechanisms. Others could remain in the federal program at their option.

Utah is ready, willing, and able to clean up the mess created by Washington, D.C. Congress needs to give its consent, and allow Utah and the other states that have joined the Health Care Compact with us to take control of health care regulation and funding within our states.


I had the privilege of growing up in Davis County and attending some of the finest public schools in our state. I am proud of our area and my first pledge will be to do everything I can to ensure each child is best served. We can work together to ensure Davis County continues to lead the state in educating our children.

Just like government, our schools need to have more transparency so we can see where we need to make improvements and create models from the programs that are having success.  Our children and their education needs should be the top priority when it comes to deciding how to spend tax dollars.  Studying and tracking data on what works and what doesn’t will ensure that we provide the best learning environment possible. We have limited resources. The only way we can improve is to deploy them better.

First off, I want to say to our great teachers - I consider it an honor to support you and your efforts. Second, I will support you in the classroom. The curriculum should be challenging, flexible and fair. We should create an environment best suited for the child and allow our parents and teachers the freedom to meet each student on their level with the best resources and methods available.


I believe the family is the most basic and the most vital of all human institutions. It is what strengthens us as individuals and bonds us as a society. Following the will of Utahns in determining how marriage is defined is my ultimate goal as your Legislator.  It is my duty to uphold our current laws and I will continue to do so when it comes to the traditional family.  Our government’s role should be to enact policies that encourage and strengthen families not tear them down.

2nd Amendment

It always surprises me to hear people attack the second amendment. It is the right of every American to own and use firearms. This right is so critical that our Founding Fathers clearly defined it in absolute terms. Thomas Jefferson said, “when government fears the people, there is liberty, but when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” This is really the idea behind our right to bear arms. Some argue we are safer by eliminating guns, I strongly disagree. I own guns and I will not support attempts to eliminate this fundamental right as a citizen under the guise of safety.

Right to Life

Unlike many ‘rights’ now claimed, the right to life was one of the specifically enumerated ideals of our founding fathers. I believe it is the duty of government to protect its citizens, and especially the most vulnerable among us. This includes the unborn, the elderly and those with special needs. We are created by God and our laws should reflect the protection of life.

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