Awards & Affiliations

2004 Representative of the Year
Davis County Republican Women

Public Service

City Council
Served 9 years in Layton


Fought against tax increases and helped implement sales tax and income tax reductions

I have been blown away by the number of supporters coming out of the woodwork offering support to me.  As I have forwarded a few of these on to delegates via email I have continued to be contacted by others asking if they could provide a similar endorsement.  Thank you so much for your support and friendship!  You will never know how much it means to me. -Stuart 


Fellow Delegate,

In the years I've known Senator Stuart Adams, while he has been representing our district in the state legislature, I've found him to be very accessible and approachable. He responds to my requests and listens attentively. He has been open to hearing new information and new ways of looking at things. I appreciate how he actively requests citizen input through questionnaires and town hall meetings.

When I go to the Capitol he's willing to spend time and listen to me. I see Stuart as genuine and without arrogance--he's the same person in daily life that he is at the Capitol.

Helen Watts

County Delegate

Precinct LA06


Dear Fellow Delegate,

I consider myself fortunate to live in Senate District 22 and be represented by Stuart Adams. I interact often with many legislators on a variety of topics and I have always found Sen. Adams to be one of the most accessible and pleasant of Utah's representatives to work with. He is among the easiest to approach and is always willing to engage in discussion.

As Majority Whip Sen. Adams has been selected as a leader among his peers, and he is a champion for Davis County issues in the legislature.

Carl Downing

County Delegate

FA 04


Dear Fellow Delegate,

I've known Stuart Adams for many years and during that time have had several discussions with him about his responsibilities. Stuart is very approachable and willing to listen. Once he has formed an opinion on an issue he acts in accordance with that opinion. I have found him to be thoughtful, reasonable and willing to listen to me and several of my neighbors. I willingly support Stuart in his effort to be re-elected as State Senator.

Bill McGuire

County Delegate



Dear Fellow Delegates,

In the more than twenty years I have known Senator Stuart Adams, I have always known him to be a man of genuine integrity, humility, and one who is concerned for the individual as well as the community. Our concerns are his concerns. I have witnessed his devotion and hard work to improve conditions in our local area as well as the state. I have personally watched him interact with many different groups of people: young children, youth, the elderly, and those in high positions. He is the same person to everyone he meets – kind, caring, interested, and very respectful. I also know that whatever he does, he goes above and beyond expectations and is always looking for ways to serve others. Three personal examples come to mind:

1.My husband and I mentioned to Senator Adams the concern our daughter had over some things at a state university she was attending. He asked if he could speak with her about it. After speaking with her, he asked her to write a letter explaining her concerns, which she did. He took that letter, along with other research he had done on the matter, to the appropriate committee in the Senate where he did what he could to solve the problem.

2.I asked Mr. Adams if he would have time to speak with our Scout group about the processes of local and state government. He not only said he’d be happy to, but also offered to have us meet him at the State Capitol where he personally gave us a tour, explained everything we needed him to and answered numerous questions, introduced us to some of the Senate leaders, and let us take pictures of each boy in the Senate Chambers. Afterward, he offered to follow up with our group. The boys and their parents had a memorable, fun time with him.

3.On another occasion, I asked if he might have time to speak with a home school group about how bills are passed. He happily consented. He and his wife came in the middle of the day and explained in terms the youth could understand the process of making a bill into law. He even brought some sample bills and let them debate for or against each one. The youth loved it, and will always remember Senator and Mrs. Adams with fondness.

I believe there is a great need for Senator Adams’ skills, integrity, work ethic, humility, kindness, genuine concern for the individual and the future of our community and state. These qualities are evident in the countless ways he selflessly gives time and service to those who are of no political consequence to him as well as to the important matters of the state. Please join me in casting your vote to re-elect Senator Stuart Adams for Senate District 22.

Mary Taylor

County Delegate and Precinct Secretary



Dear Fellow Delegate,

I have known Stuart Adams almost my whole life. I have seen him not only as a leader as far back as high school but in our City of Layton for many years. I have seen him grow his family business in a very conservative and conscientious manner. He understands the businessman and understands the importance that small business plays in our community and state.

I have seen him in action and experienced his hard work and leadership on Capitol Hill as I have had issues arise. I have seen him strongly stand for the high standards that he represents and the very important issues of the state. I know he researches and studies out the issues and is very willing to listen to every side as he makes decisions that affect us all. I know that Stuart will represent us well into the future.

Spencer Young

Businessman and Citizen

County Delegate




Dear Fellow Delegates,

Senator Adams has been effective and responsive in working to solve Centerville's transportation challenges. He has helped make our city safer by assisting in improvements to the I-15 interchange and our new pedestrian overpass. In the 10 years I have known Senator Adams he has always been very responsive to Centerville constituents and completely ethical in all his dealings. His deep knowledge of transportation issues and his experience with local government make him a very effective legislator when it comes to solving problems. Where other people talk, Senator Adams simply gets things done.

Paul Cutler

Centerville Mayor

County Delegate




Senator Stuart Adams is a tremendous asset to Layton’s commercial business growth and assurance that Hill AFB will always be able to call our wonderful city “home”. His ethics, approachability and record are second to none. We as citizens are all truly lucky that Senator Stuart Adams calls Layton home.

L.T. Weese

Falcon, Hill AFB

15 Year Layton Business Owner

County Delegate




In my work and through my service in the community I have had the opportunity to work with Senator Stuart Adams many times and on many issues. I have found him to be an active, concerned listener and more important an active, take action person. He is tireless in his work for the community and the state. He is in touch with the issues and makes sure to keep in contact with those he serves. He is invested in the community he serves and is known as a man of integrity and honor.

Shirley B Bouwhuis

Former Chair Davis County Republican Party

Alternate County Delegate




I have had the opportunity of attending several townhalls which Senator Adams held for the purpose of becoming informed about the concerns

of his constituents. He has always been very interested and open to hearing my concerns, ideas, and preferences regarding legislation. During the

legislative session, I e-mailed the Senator several times to voice my opinion about the different bills and he was kind enough to respond to my e-mails and weigh my concerns in his decision making process. I am supporting Senator Adams for another term.

Shirley Larsen

County Delegate



I have associated with Stuart Adams in many different capacities and found him to be a man of honor and integrity. He understands the challenges that come with growth in our state, including our need to focus on transportation issues. Whenever I have had questions or concerns, Stuart has made time to listen and address my issues. As I have visited with other legislators, I learned he is well respected by his peers. Stuart represents and defends the values that our important to us in Utah.

Blake Wahlen

County Delegate



Throughout my fourteen years in the Legislature, I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Senator Stuart Adams in various capacities and on many projects. I’ve always admired his resolve to make sound, long-term policy to benefit the citizens of our State and Davis County. He is a champion for transportation planning and economic development. I’ve seen him set aside personal opportunities that could have been construed as conflicts of interest to assure his decisions would be beyond ethical reproach. His election to Senate leadership is an indicator of his reputation and good name in the Legislature. I’m proud to serve closely with him as our House and Senate districts overlap.

Rep. Roger Barrus

House District 18


Dear Fellow County Delegate,

I am a wife, mother of 5 children, a pediatric nurse practitioner and concerned citizen. I realize the importance of an efficiently and effectively run State government and its impact on our daily lives. I am continually impressed with the quality of Senator Adams perspective and influence in the areas of education, healthcare, transportation, economic development, traditional marriage, religious freedom, air quality and limited Federal control over Utah State issues. He is a unique blend of action, prudence, innovation, teamwork, excellence in communication and caring for the one.

I whole-heartedly support Senator Stuart Adams in his bid to represent the interests and values of District 22. Please join me in supporting his re-election at the Davis County Convention April 12th.

Angela Page

County and State Delegate



I am a life time resident of Davis County and a past Chairman of the Davis County Republican Party. I would like to visit with you about a man who I know well -- Stuart Adams. Stuart is a man that you can trust. He is a critical thinker and a wise steward of your tax dollars. As President of the Family First Foundation, I have spent time on Capitol Hill in an effort to address family friendly policies, policies that strengthen and fortify the natural family and ensure our religious liberties. Stuart stands up for families! He has always been very accessible and approachable. As a person in leadership, Stuart is highly respected by his colleagues. He is making a huge difference for the good of our community. We need his continued great leadership in addressing many critical issues now facing our state. So, I am asking for your support and endorsement of Senator Stuart Adams.

Steven Smoot

President of Family First Foundation

County Delegate



Senator Stuart Adams is a man of integrity whose service is undying. His leadership from city and county to the entire state of Utah has literally touched millions of lives for good. I have watched as he has guided important transportation and human services issues to resolutions.   He is recognized well beyond the borders of Davis County as a leader who works hard to do the right thing. I invite you to join me in supporting Stuart in his re-election as our State Senator.

Louenda Downs

Davis County Commission

County Delegate



As our former county party chairman, and as an intimate participant in the legislative process in our state, I have had the chance to observe the leadership of Senator Adams on a frequent and ongoing basis. Since he is also my Senate representative, I am pleased to see his efforts and legislative successes in behalf of his constituency. We could not have a more effective representative on the hill fighting for our republican principles. Specifically, his leadership in fighting for the prioritization of much needed transportation projects has been particularly impactful to the residents of Davis County. He engenders much respect from his colleagues and I personally recognize the significant contributions he makes in our behalf to the legislative process.

Ben Horsley

County Delegate




I have known Stuart Adams for several years, long before he became a legislator. Prior to becoming a legislator he was always willing to be involved with public service with local, state, and federal issues. He served on committees at the request of several Governors, Mayors, and civic organizations. I was happy with his service because he was/is always providing feedback to the public regarding the issue(s) he was working on. He continued to be very informative after being elected to the Senate. I have received several emails, phone calls, surveys, and informative bulletins on his and the Legislature's activities. Stuart has the citizenry of the State of Utah foremost in mind, asks questions, answers questions, and takes the time to be thorough. Stuart wants to serve the citizens he represents the very best way he can--and still be the same family, church, and community person he has always been.

Bud Cox

Former Davis County Sheriff

County Delegate



I have been a Layton resident for 20 years andhave known Stuart for most of them. I have had the opportunity to work with him on a variety of different levels, personally, politically, and in business. I have always found Stuart to be a man of integrity and utmost honesty. Over the years I have seen him take the time to meet with and listen to my neighbors and friends and thentake the time to try and resolve their concerns. I consider it a pleasure to count him as my Senator, my neighbor and my friend. I trust him 110% on all matters of the state and community, as he is a man of high character and has the resolve to always do the right thing.

Scott Quinney

County Delegate




Fellow Delegates,

I have known and worked continuously with Stuart Adams through my work at the Davis Applied Technology College and with Layton City Council for over 12 years. Senator Adams has always been accessible to me for even unannounced visits and has responded timely to every voicemail, e-mail and text I have sent to him. Because of his responsiveness and accessibility it has facilitated the crafting of a variety of critical bills supporting Layton City and the College. Senator Adams is respected and recognized by his fellow legislators for the highest levels of hard work and integrity. This respect prompted his Senate peers to elect him to a leadership position in the Utah Senate. This position greatly benefits not only Senate District 22 but all of the citizens of Davis County. I urge you to join me in re-electing Senator Stuart Adams to the Utah State Senate.

Mike Bouwhuis

Former Layton City Councilman

County Delegate



I've worked for state government for nearly a decade and interacted with dozens of legislators, governors, elected officials and employees spanning every state agency. I've heard my share of arguments, friction, and political intrigue. In this experience, I have not heard any animosity or impropriety directed toward Stuart Adams. He is respected by his colleagues and his behavior is earnest and forthright. But more personally, his interactions with me as my state senator match this sketch. He listens carefully and provides good feedback. My neighbors, deeply concerned about a proposal for a new freeway, held a large meeting to discuss what we could do. Stuart had every reason to pander to our angry demands late that night- but he calmly explained how transportation projects work. He said we should trust the process, that by analyzing all the options in an unbiased way we would avoid legal trouble and more importantly get the best outcome for Utah. We started participating in UDOT working groups where our voices were heard and our concerns were addressed through the proper channels. Stuart's honesty helped us get involved.

David Stringfellow

County Delegate



Dear Fellow Delegates,

I recently attended a “Meet the Candidate” night at Layton High School. At that event I had the opportunity to listen to all the candidates speak. Senator Adams, in the time allotted, spoke about what he has done, what he is currently doing, and what he still wants to accomplish, stating clearly his positions and principles. Senator Adams’ opponent spent his time informing everyone that he is running to represent everyone, without stating any clear positions. I for one want someone representing me that “knows” what they stand for and what needs to be done to make it happen. I have personally interacted with Senator Adams over the years. He has always taken the time to listen to my comments/concerns, and communicate what is happening at the State Legislature no matter how difficult the subject. This has been done by both phone and email communication.   I believe that Senator Adams has proven that he has our local community, Davis County, and the State of Utah at the forefront of his actions. I believe Senator Adams continues to be the right choice. Please join me in casting your vote to re-elect Senator Stuart Adams for Senate District 22.

Justin Anderson

County Delegate and Vice Chair





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